About Us

Greyfriars provides 360° solution (one-stop solution) for its clients. Greyfriars provide solutions in Business entry and Interim management, Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, business advisory and Corporate management services. The Team of Greyfriars exists out of highly experienced, Lawyers, Tax advisors, business consultants and Chartered Accountants. Greyfriars was founded in 1985 as a tax advisory and corporate management services practice. Recognizing the importance of the needs of the entrepreneur Greyfriars focus on a total solution. Greyfriars has built a practice that make sure to guide and assist the entrepreneur during a transaction at any time (i.e. business plan, acquisition, post-merger).

For Greyfriars it is important that the entrepreneur gets the required hand-holding assistance, at any time. This makes Greyfriars unique from its competitors.

The following features together make Greyfriars, a unique solution provider.

  •  A One-Stop Office which is easily accessible and provides top class services
  •  Transaction Focus - to guide & assist at every stage of the transaction
  •  Broad Range of Services in any complex (financial, tax, legal) situation and add value
    (creativity and out of box thinking) to make the corporate life easier globally
  •  Long-term relationship with its customers


To provide appropriate solutions relying on our multi-functionality and extensive business sense. To provide tailor-made services for every business need, no matter how complex the situation is. To do the right thing for our clients, our people, and for the community. To provide significant economic value.


Every business is entitled to be successful on a global platform. We guide the most ambitious companies and help them grow towards their long-term goals and to become sharper and smarter.


Effective Teamwork is the key to our success. With in-depth knowledge of the financial services domain, products in the market, and the prevalent operating procedures, our team of experts is capable to advice you on every financial and business need of the real world. Our business strategy revolves around three key elements; Easy Accessibility Top Class Service, and the Value we add.


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