Business Advisory

At Greyfriars, we help you redefine your operations, by unlocking the hidden potential in your team. The effort is to make your business better and smarter, with our tax, business and financial expertise and experience, we are able to find the best solution for your short and long term planning. Our consulting experts can help you achieve efficient and effective result in appropriate time.

What we do

  •  Business plan formation
  •  Advising on international business structure
    (strategy, tactical, operational)
  •  Supply chain management
  •  Business valuations
  •  Corporate reorganizations
  •  Restructuring and resale
  •  BEPS and Transfer pricing
  •  International corporate and personal tax planning
  •  Business development strategic planning
  •  Marketing and Commercial planning
  •  Co-ordination and advisory post merger & aquisition

How are we different

The business of any corporate begins only when you define the vision and mission statement. Greyfriars is a team of experts that will guide and assist you in this constant process since we assist our clients in finding end to end solutions. Our overall view will make it easier for you to implement your business strategy as it evolves over time during the different phases of your business.


To enter the European market, we have seen that well-planned future can bring the business concept(s) in various models, at your doorsteps. For us it is important that you should earn money first before you spend it. This requires a mindset change; for example, having people on payroll or have them as consultant(s). We will help you take such meaningful business decisions ahead of time.