Business Expansion & Entry Management

Our aim is to help corporate decision makers come to a well-informed and logical conclusion when dealing with their business expansion. We provide you solutions that would answer “why”, “where” and “how” you should do it; configuring your expansion plans to suit your business needs. Our business expansion services offer a variety of solutions that help you create solid footprints in new areas of operation while at the same time managing your revenue and efficiency targets.

What we do

  •  Administrative and legal support
  •  Payroll management
  •  Immigration and work permit management
  •  Expat assistance (i.e. housing, education etc.)
  •  Office renting and other office facilities together with warehousing
  •  HR assistance (i.e. Employment contract, HR policies etc.)
  •  Banking and Finance assistance
  •  Business development and marketing assistance
  •  Distribution and Logistic assistance

How are we different

At Greyfriars, we look at every business case from the management perspective. For us it is important that our customers focus on their day to day business so that they can increase their EBIDTA rather than spending time on the compliance, statutory and regulatory challenges in a jurisdiction. We are there to take over that burden and make sure that everything is in the right place for you. We start by asking the right questions, and then make the effort to understand your business in order to determine the right solutions for you. We don’t just stop there, we ensure that the decisions we take get translated quickly into actions that will allow you and your team to sustain the momentum into the future.


A Corporate or individual require ad-hoc assistance to establish their presence in a new jurisdiction. We have seen that many corporates or individuals find it difficult to arrange primary aspects (i.e. opening a bank account, employment etc.) and some may still be trying even after one year. Our team can work-out various solutions to make sure that the proposed results will be achieved.