Corporate Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions

In mergers and acquisitions, it takes a powerful synthesis of toughness and discipline to make sure the marriage between two companies. At Greyfriars, we understand and see the value of a long-term marriage. We also look at mergers and acquisitions as an integral part of your growth plan globally. Our team of experts can guide and assist you to find the best solution to succeed a deal. Also to finance a deal we are there to make sure that the deal will happen.

What we do

  •  Target search and match making
  •  Mergers and acquisitions
  •  Raising equity and debt finance
  •  Private equity advisory
  •  Institutional equity
  •  Structured finance
  •  Stock listing

How are we different

For your global growth, it is important that you have absolute clarity about the progression of your business. The future is important, but to secure it to an extent, you need to find synergies between buyers, lenders, investors and sellers. We look for such opportunities, as the success of a deal can best be ensured if it is a win-win situation for every stakeholder. After the merger/acquisition it is important that the integration will happen properly. We believe that sky is the limit and that you should think in terms of the future, but you also need to plan for opportunities long before. At Greyfriars, we have the sense of this; we understand the pulse of the market, and hence, we are able to assist our clients better in these deals.


Many successful companies are no longer conglomerates of thousands of employees and capital-intensive processes. In modern times, high-tech innovation companies are often small, but hold a lot of promise and a future potential. Valuation methods can be different, and your management strategy should calculate it on an appropriate basis. We have assisted many of our customers change their thought process and introduced different perspectives to give more clarity. You need to be aware of new technological developments like ‘artificial intelligence’ and adapt it seamlessly into your business. This is also what we look for when we target a company for our customers.