Corporate Management Services

At Greyfriars we help you setup and maintain your cross border investments. The effort is to make sure you comply with local statutory compliance aspects. Our (certified) trust officers can help you achieve your local compliance requirements.

What we do

  •  Domiciliation and directorship
  •  Accounting, bookkeeping and cash management
  •  Banking and finance assistance
  •  Company secretarial services
  •  Regulatory and (tax) compliance
  •  Proxy holder services

How are we different

At Greyfriars, we see the importance to make sure that your investments will be managed properly. For us it is important that you as corporate comply with the local, statutory and regulatory aspects in a jurisdiction. We are there to take over that burden and make sure that everything is in the right place for you. Also we update ourselves from time to time, with respect to change in local or international laws and regulations. This ensures that your structures will not be jeopardized.


During an acquisition, it is important that you comply with all required local compliance (i.e. POA, board resolutions) to move ahead with the proposed acquisition. We have assisted many companies with their local compliance burden.