Interim Management

Companies who want to create a global footprint often need dynamic, skilled, and experienced leadership; someone who could get the best out of planned or unexpected opportunities. At Greyfriars we assist the executive leadership to drive strategic transactions and translate opportunities into revenues. Our executives bring in extensive leadership and financial and operations experience, together with high level of functional expertise that allows your executive team to deliver an array of services to your global customers.

What we do

  •  Vision planning management
  •  Strategy, tactical and operational integration management
  •  HR management assistance
  •  Financial, legal, regulatory & compliance management assistance
  •  Data and process analysis management
  •  Acquisition and management buy-out management
  •  Global expansion management
  •  Restructuring management

How are we different

A typical advisor/lawyer/consultant/accountant will provide advice only and will not occupy the executive seat in the management of a Company. Greyfriars professionals think as entrepreneurs, and hence understand the corporate language of our clients. We believe in growing together, as a team, working hand-in-hand with you and sharing the responsibilities. We see the importance of appropriate planning and management of the day to day activities and of ensuring that they are aligned with your short-term, mid-term, and long-term vision.


Companies in the high-tech industry (i.e. Blockchain, E-mobility) tend to focus on R&D, but they often miss administrative excellence in terms of their reporting, financial, legal/tax, and commercial obligations. More often than not this is thought about only after a negative event and this results in significant remedial costs and Management time. At Greyfriars we help you minimize the amount of damage control and make sure that your management related activities stay on track. For any organization, especially new start-ups during initial 1-3 years, it is crucial that the fundamentals are in place. Our team is there to manage and maintain the basics.